The nature of Love is to grow or die.
It can’t be left on a spot unattended
It is either serviced by nourishment
Or impoverished by neglect

Perhaps many of us young people don’t know this

We initiate love, and think we can just let it loose
We don’t want it to die,
Yet we don’t want to nourish it
We don’t want to let go
Yet we don’t want to commit to it

So we keep ourselves in ‘friend zone’
As our way of not committing
“He’s my very special friend”
“Oh! She is very important to me”
Yet, enjoying the benefits from one another.

We spends quality and quantity time
Saying provoking words and even writing poems
Telling how beautiful and handsome we both are
We talk about our day, everything that happened in it
“What did you eat? What did you wear?”
We even call ourselves names: ‘sweetheart’, ‘my Love’
And sometimes when we just want a hug
We are always there to help each other out
I mean ‘full-frontal’ hugs with ‘sustain pedal’

Yet, we expect things to just be normal
Àbí ó ti normal ni?

But love can’t…it must grow or die
It’s nature is to grow,
And not just to grow, to keep growing
Stronger, and deeper
Or else, it will choke, and kill

Some of us have ignored this
And made a shipwreck of our heart, lost our virgin bodies
Or ended up wasting precious time
Cos, there’s no commitment to help us plan our time-life
Into productive endeavors for our anticipated future
Yet, there’s enough attachment to pump up our emotions

Maybe that’s what Solomon meant
When he said Love shouldn’t be ‘awoken before its time’

Maybe it’s not about age
But about initiating love only when you are ready to take responsibility for it
Only when you’re willing to create room for it to brood, grow, and expand

Adeola-mi, Abeg make we stop all these lovey dovey if we’re not ready to take responsibility for the Love we profess-that we know so deep in our heart.

“Because all these manalof behavioral can dismantle someborris hart and fewsure relationcheap”


Sleep Sweet.