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theimisioluwa - self-love
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call this SELF-LOVE… …and the day came when I told myself: Maybe I’m not the best Maybe I’m not the prettiest Maybe I’m not the smartest Just maybe… Depending on who is judging But all I have is ‘Me’ And I’m going to make the…


Thank you All 

It all started as early as 12:00 am on the 15th of January, when I saw my pics on a friend’s dp and I wondered” what’s up with Bimbo?”…until it dawned on me…”Dude, today is your birthday”…and then it went on and on until I…


How do you do it? 

How do you do it that the words ‘thank you’ ends my year always? How do you manage to mesmerize me every now and then? I start a year sometimes not knowing how I am going to pull through, yet, at the end of the…

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