Grateful (Birthday Thoughts)

I am Grateful for Life. I am Grateful for my Life.

Few years ago, as a young teenage boy who had just joined my brother in Ilorin, I was amazed at how many people call, text, and celebrate him on his birthday. It was always numerous. And it wasn’t even in the days where facebook made it easy. I always wondered: how does one person become so relevant with their life? 

So late one night on his birthday, I asked him: Egbon, how do you do it that all these number of people celebrate you every birthday? 
And he answered: If you touch people’s lives, be of service to them, add value to them, or be an addition to them in one way or the other, they won’t forget you.

That became my nightmare for a long time.

Who am I?
What do I have?
What do I have that will add value to others?
How can I be of help to this world?
How can I make impact?

Those questions have led me to discover myself
Those questions have made me who I am today and I am grateful.

I am grateful for my Life
I am grateful for who I am

But much more, today, I am grateful to you for letting me be who I am with you.
Thank you for giving me a space in your life, your timeline, and your mind.
You give me a reason to thrive, and be alive.

Thank you for letting me know my life isn’t as unfruitful as I sometimes battle to think
Thank you for letting me know I am not that bad, afterall

I’m encouraged.
I’m comforted.

Thank you for the texts, the chats, the calls, and all.
You’ve given me a birthday worth remembering.
And I’m energized to go another one year journey

Thank You.

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I am #theimisiOluwa; and guess what? I have no plans of changing anytime soon, in fact, I only want to get ‘worse’.

E seun o.

Thank You.

Love you Plenty.

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