I Slept Peacefully

Yesterday, I slept deeper and longer than I had in many months. I twisted and turned, and slept till there was no iota of sleep left in my eyes. Right here in the city of Ibadan, away from home, in the living room of my barrister friend, a three-bedroom flat, you’d think the three-seater sofa […]

Maybe, Maybe Not

We did good the first time we did this We tried, and heaven can bear us witness But we failed, not without good intentions Maybe loving a woman is a thankless job Forget the credits, forget payback The last thing you expect Is the kind of love you give Forget recompense She’ll try, in bits, […]

The Way to Love Her

#LoveWednesday All they’ve ever told us was to find a woman who fits A woman who aligns with our purpose, who wouldn’t be a setback One who will help us fulfil our dreams, who fits our temperaments One who is not necessarily called to the Apostolic ministry So that while we are away saving the […]

The Nature of Love

#LoveWednesday The nature of Love is to grow or die. It can’t be left on a spot unattended It is either serviced by nourishment Or impoverished by neglect Perhaps many of us young people don’t know this We initiate love, and think we can just let it loose We don’t want it to die, Yet […]

The Lover Boy

#LoveWednesday Some guys (and ladies) spend most part of their growing up years chasing and trying to make one relationship or the other work. They expend so much mental energies trying to toast a girl, maintain, or keep a relationship at all cost, while the girls they are pursuing keep moving on with their lives. […]


#LoveWednesday A lady deserves a man who loves her One who is falling head over heels for her One who is willing to pursue her strongly One who won’t take her for granted Nor give up on her But will persist and wait and even beg her One who has great plans for her One […]


#LoveWednesday (Read Part 1 at: Stop The Lies Jòó ) In all my years of listening to married people talk, I have not heard anyone admit that the challenges faced in the marriage of those who claim to have married the ‘will-of-God’ are different from those who didn’t. All they have said is: by marrying the ‘will-of-God’, […]


#LoveWednesday #StoriesBehindThePosts #2015PostsReview LET IT NOT BE (15/10/2015) I remember the night I wrote this post. Adeola-mi had been far away for a while and that was taking its toll. It was at that time that I met an old friend who I had preciously had a crush on, and before I knew it I […]

Boy to Man

When I was much younger,each time mummy leave home, I’ll play and play; when it’s two hours to her arrival, I’ll start work. Sometimes, I finish before she steps in; other times, I’m ready with excuses(usually lies). Sometimes she overlooks it; other times, she beats me and beats me hard, mostly not because of my […]