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Maybe, Maybe Not 

We did good the first time we did this We tried, and heaven can bear us witness But we failed, not without good intentions Maybe loving a woman is a thankless job Forget the credits, forget payback The last thing you expect Is the kind…

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The Lover Boy 

#LoveWednesday Some guys (and ladies) spend most part of their growing up years chasing and trying to make one relationship or the other work. They expend so much mental energies trying to toast a girl, maintain, or keep a relationship at all cost, while the…

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#LoveWednesday (Read Part 1 at: Stop The Lies Jòó ) In all my years of listening to married people talk, I have not heard anyone admit that the challenges faced in the marriage of those who claim to have married the ‘will-of-God’ are different from those who…


Boy to Man 

When I was much younger,each time mummy leave home, I’ll play and play; when it’s two hours to her arrival, I’ll start work. Sometimes, I finish before she steps in; other times, I’m ready with excuses(usually lies). Sometimes she overlooks it; other times, she beats…

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