A lady deserves a man who loves her
One who is falling head over heels for her
One who is willing to pursue her strongly
One who won’t take her for granted
Nor give up on her
But will persist and wait and even beg her
One who has great plans for her
One who will provide for her
And be ready to make her his
One who will help her fulfil her dreams
One who will lead her home rightly
One who will extend riches to her parents
And ensure they eat the fruit of their labor

But then I’ve always wondered

What of a lady who falls head over heels for him
Who does not wait to be overtly begged and pursued
Who is not waiting for a love to give into, but has to give
Who is willing to stick with the guy come thick and thin
Who has love for him all by herself and not only in response to his own
Who considers him a must have, wants him and is not ashamed to admit
Who is committed to seeing him succeed
Who will be the reason behind his accomplishments
Who has made up her mind to ensure he fulfils destiny
Who is willing to hold on to him even when he wants to let go
Who finds out new ways to let him know he’s loved
Who sees him has her ‘baby boo’ worth nurturing?

There are relationships where only one party has this outlook…and they only survive thus far

I believe when this kind of woman meets this kind of man (Read “THE WAY TO LOVE HER), they often have the best of life ahead of them.

#IamImisioluwa; my children deserve a mum who loves and really want to be with their dad.

Sleep sweetly.

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