Day Thirty Six – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To all the virgins
The all-time virgins
And those of 2016
In heart, mind, and body
Who kept themselves chaste
Who resisted the pressure of haste
Who were willing to wait
Nor for lack of a better option
Or raging emotions
But who know what value is
Who were determined to stand still
Whose character are impeccable
Tempted at all point but still stable
Opportunities here and there
An overhype of sex
Yet for the sake of love and dignity
Preserved themselves and their victims

I know the world thinks differently
But the fact that stupidity
Has become a widely accepted phenomenon
Is no reason to join the foolishness
There’s still freedom of right thinking

I and a lot more people in the world appreciate you
We think you are Heroes
We respect you a lot
We may not say it often
But we are vowed by such strength of character

Of course,
It’s no business of mine if you have sex
Or with who you do
But that if you are a virgin by choice
Then it is a really big deal
One to be celebrated and awarded
For you have done what many failed at
They may run you down for being one
But deep in their heart they wished they didn’t lose it so cheaply

To all the virgins
The all time virgins
And those of 2016
In heart, mind, and body

I’m grateful for your life
I know it’s not an easy something

I am theimisiOluwa;

Enjoy your evening.

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