To all the guys who finally popped the question
Either on the knees or not
Whether with a ring or not
But who got to that point
Where they admitted within themselves
That this is the Lady to journey life with
Who were willing to risk it all
Who rose beyond the fear
The fear of what she will say
The fear of what to eat, and wear
Who were willing to stand before the world
Defending their Love before many witnesses
Who were bold before her parents
And all the interviews they do
Who were bold before God
To say this is the one

Do you know how difficult it is these days?
For many to find that woman
Not to talk of popping the question
Do you know how long it took him?
To decide, and plan
Looking for the right moment
Praying, and seeking God’s face
Clearing his doubts and confusion

Baba, una get mind o
It’s sure not for small small boys like me
And not for those big big boys out there

If nobody appreciates you, I do

And I pray your home is blessed
That you understand what Love really is
That you learn to wow that girl everyday of her life
That you finish strong.

I am theimisiOluwa