Friendly Monster (For the Girl Child)

As I touched her hands
Blood began to flow in my veins
It was not the regular kind
This one was a monster
Within seconds my hands began to move
In symmetrical movements around her
And expansion found its way under me

My mind raced to and fro
To let on or let go, but I wouldn’t decide
I knew once ‘iya taju goes’,
A man is bound to ‘dey on top’
I had to act fast-Now or never.

As I felt hands tighten around me,
I stood still! Oh Lord, help! I whispered
But it wasn’t a sincere one, I held on still
I knew my job was to protect her
To protect her from monsters
Monsters of men and their appetites
But I hadn’t realized
The first monster to protect her from was me
My lust, desires, and emotions.

“This ain’t right!”, I mumbled
It was still cloud one but I could see ahead
With the last strand of strength, I confessed
I love you and I will protect you
Then and there, I felt strength
I was glad I hadn’t gone too far

However, all I can do is lay down my life all over again at your feet, and say
Adeola-mi, I will respect you, your emotions, and your body.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

[The female body is not merely an object to gratify the desires of the male. The job of the man is to protect the woman, not only from others, but first from his own lust, emotions, and selfish desires. SEMPER FIDELIS]

Think about this! Make amends!! Find strength in the secret place!!! She deserves your self-control!!!!

I am theimisiOluwa; and I’m inviting you to #JointheCampaign as we join voices to protect the rights of the #GirlChild.

Tweet, and post your thoughts using #MyVoice4HER @musicfordev

*The Girl Child Concert*
*Tuesday, 11th October, 2016*
*SUB Car Park, OAU.*

For *Sponsorship* and Enquiries, contact: 07062031521

Sleep sweet!!!

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