A Stitch in Time


Perhaps, it is an expression of God’s mercy
To guide a man to rock-bottom,
Especially the one on the part of destruction
Who has rejected Truth;
To help him get to zero level quickly
Where his money is gone, His energy is spent
His relationship is lost, And his soul is weak
The point where he has no help anymore

And like the sinking man
Where he can’t flap his arms
Where he’s now drowning
And he’s ready to be saved. 

Maybe this is the time he can now really think
Having rejected all warnings
Maybe he can now listen
Willing to do what it takes
No pride, no ego, no selfishness
He’s humbled, His heart is open

Maybe this is what Paul meant
To leave him to the devil
For the destruction of his flesh
That his spirit might be saved

Now she’s pregnant
And her boyfriend can’t be found
Now he’s bankrupt
And his friends are all gone
Now he’s alone
His girlfriend is no more
He’s done and lost

So he begins afresh
He’s learnt the hard way
He’s wiser than before
He’s survived the worst

His days are now better
He has been comforted by
A comfort he is now willing to comfort others with
He’s now like nothing happened

Only his scars are there
As a prove of how Jesus can help a man

#IamImisioluwa; I just wonder why men let themselves get to this point before embracing truth.

Come unto me,  all ye that labor
And are heavy laden
I will give you rest.

Enjoy your Evening

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