To Those Searching for Survival

Day Nineteen

To everyone who wake up
On one morning or the other
In a country like this
Not knowing what to do, where to go
What to eat, Nor where to sleep
Dispersed across the Big Cities of this world
Home and lost abroad

Who wake up only seeking opportunities
Whatever their hands shall find to do
Whatever their mouths shall find to eat
Wherever their feet shall find to go

The boys around the garage areas
To whom ‘agberoism’ becomes survival
The girls around the inner cities
To whom Prostitution becomes Golden

I see you
I feel your pain
I’m not in your shoes
But the heat exudes from you
And it burns slightly
Melting the walls of this heart
Dissipating tears along my heart eyes

And on such a day as this,
Like every other day
Where people gather
‘Merrying’ in the warmth of family
Hand in hand
Meals upon feasts

I am grateful for your life
I’m amazed by your quest for survival
How you manage to hold it all up
How you manage to still find time to laugh
And find enough strength to live the next day

Truth is,
It’s for you that Christ came
To share his life with you
To make it all alright

Jesus Loves You
You are worth his Love

I am theimisiOluwa

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