Please, Tell The Devil


Please tell the devil he didn’t win
Tell him sternly, tell him clearly
Tell it on the mountains, tell it in the streets
If he didn’t in BC, then he didn’t in AD

For forty two generations of life
He was given a fair chance to try
But he did only what he knew best
Fail and fail all over again in his quest

He made Noah a drunkard, in high spirit
Turned Abraham into a polygamist
Threw Joseph in prison, faraway in Egypt
That the promise might forever be a mere dream

He Abandoned David in the wilderness, a loner
And made him an adulterer and murderer
Yet the heavens laughed passionately
For his failure was of a certainty

He carried Jechonias into slavery for long
But couldn’t keep his sons in Babylon
He snuffed every prophet off the land
And made way for the silent years of man

So he turned into sodomy, the great Rome
An attempt to corrupt the custodians of hope
He burnt bibles and its keepers
Yet, he failed at every instant

He tried to renew his image
Hiring PRs: Chris, Jay, and Kanye
But how couldn’t they have failed
They took his money and bailed

Now, he’s revived homosexuality
Perhaps to distract and confuse humanity
Perhaps to breakdown order
In expressions of a reprobate mental organ

Now, he wants to keep men from the truth
Keeping them from the Gospel, the good news
Hiding his shame and failure
Hiding behind religion

But please tell him
B’ómodé ò bá bátàn
Á b’áròóbà
Àróbà gan sì ni baba ìtàn

Tell him
Báa bá ju abèbè sókè ní igba igba
The result will always be the same

Please don’t hesitate to let him know
That a mighty wind has blown
And the fowl ‘yansh’ has become
A rather conspicuous one

Please tell him,
Remind him that he didn’t win
That he didn’t win Before Christ
That he didn’t win After his Death

That he didn’t win in Eternity
That he didn’t win in the time we live in
If he didn’t from the foundations of the earth
Then he didn’t in this age, even as it ends

For the Church is marching on as a mighty army
And the gates of hell can’t overcome it

#IamImisioluwa, please tell him if you see him.

Happy Easter

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