True Love; My Speculations





I’ve learnt true love is all that matters
The problem is only in defining what it is
Or is it that it means different things
Or perhaps, you can’t tell it from afar
Or perhaps, you can’t say this or that is it
Only when a lifetime is spent
Then, can you say that was it

Is it about the person alone?
Or about the circumstances that leads therein?
Or about the decision made when in
Or is it only a mental fabrication?

I think it’s a bit of all of them

The natural attraction you have
The feelings she evokes in you
The character you experience
The peace in your heart, soul and spirit

The moments that lead to
How you admit and accept the love within
How you express your love to her
And the process you follow in

The way you adjust to love
Embracing differences and evolving daily
Becoming your best daily
Fulfilling your dreams

The desire to make the best of it
The vision and imagination of a blissful home
Making up for each other’s differences
Conquering the world together

I know there is true love
Though, I won’t admit every love is true
But every true love needs to be groomed
Or else, it could die prematurely
And be trashed like no true love

Maybe I really don’t know what it is
Maybe I’m just speculating

#IamImisioluwa; sometimes, I question the things I know, if I might continue to validate them.

Sleep Sweet


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