The Journey of Love


The Journey of love amazes me;
The various paths that lead from singleness to ’till death do us part’
Many love stories have taken different routes,
Especially when you ask ‘how did you meet?’,
And all have met with equal possibilities for success and failure.

Some people have only been in one relationship all their young life, and are still married today.

Some have been here and there, heart broken each time, but eventually find true love; while some only settle for what was left.

Some had long courtship, got married, and are doing a lot fine; while some end their relationship after many years, only to move on to another person, get married in a short while, and still do fine.

Some have been friends since like forever but never contemplate relationship until years later when the scales fall off, and they start seeing themselves as ‘àmútòrunwá’ (destiny friends); eventually, they do fine.

Some fall in love but for fear, complex, and religion go into relationship with another, and they keep managing while their heart is far away, and eventually, they get used to it and do fine; while some others repent, break up, and find their true love, and they eventually do fine.

Some reject all the love thrown at them in their young age, and still find true love later; while others blame the same for their late marriage.

Some marry early, some marry late, and both eventually do fine.

Some marry only who they ascertain as the will of God, and they do fine; while some end up divorcing each other.

Some marry those who they aren’t too attracted to, but make up for it with some other things, and they do just fine; others find those who they like, and they do just fine…and vi ce versa

Some marry their age mates, others with a wide age difference, and they do just fine; while others claim they should have done differently.

And for many others, the reverse of all these is their case.

And for some, the peculiarity and complicatedness of their love life cannot be represented here.

In all, it appears true love works out in many ways. And it seems the success of a relationship has more to do with the decisions made daily, and how they tackle the challenges they encounter.

One must only be sincere, decide, and take responsibility for that decision.

#IamImisioluwa; Until recently, I have held on to a believe that true love can only happen in particular ways.

Sleep Sweet

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Olalekan Owonikoko