I Miss Being In Love

I miss being in Love
I miss having someone to share my heart with
I miss feeling unreservedly ensconced
Knowing I’ve got a partner in the world

I miss those chats, texts, and nightly talks
I miss the visits, the dates, and the outings
I miss walking you down the street at night
Hands joined together in effusive melancholy

I miss having someone to plan together with
I miss having someone to tell me all about her day
I miss having someone to celebrate my little successes with
And someone to comfort me on my lugubrious days

I miss having someone to enlighten me
I miss those discussions that leave me nonplus
I miss your corrections, reprove, And suggestions
How you lovingly help me see the other side of the matter

I miss having someone to pray deeply for
I miss having someone to talk to God about
I miss having someone to report to God..lol
And Him telling me how I could have loved better

I miss having someone who put my patience to use
I miss having someone with whom my self control is exercised
I miss having something to stretch the bounds of my heart
Helping my grow wider and deeper in love

I really miss being in Love

But then, I’m thinking:
Do I really miss being in love with you
Or I just miss the idea of being in love with you?

Maybe it’s the euphoria of seeing my friends getting married, or the Joy that comes with a new found Friend, I just really miss the days of being in Love

Love You Plenty

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Olalekan Owonikoko