I just finished seeing the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and it brings fresh feelings of Love. Until now I had a somewhat bad impression about movies that portray love; for my religious mind feels they get a lot of things wrong. Well…I am beginning to see some similarities with what I know love to be…so I’ll just focus on points where we agree. Perhaps, the love portrayed isn’t bad after all.

One issue my religious mind had with such movies is the general fact that movies aren’t real and cannot be compared to real life situations-and of course, the kissing and the sex part…but now, I think they might be a pointer to some possibilities.

In ‘Jupiter Ascending’…a warrior from space comes to save a girl who was oblivious of her identity as a Queen in another planet and in the process she fell in love with him while falling from a spaceship…bla bla bla….the bad guys got her and the guy had to fight, risk his life to save the girl. The girl on the other hand had to also fight for her life…then there was the ‘kissing’ part-short, passionate, and interesting.

So the question is ‘how is this different from the real life love?’

In real life, people fall in love and the honest part is….everyone gets to a point where they have to fight to keep their love alive. We will all at one point or the other have to fight ego, pride, selfishness, immorality, another woman, customs and traditions, financial difficulties, troublesome in-laws, …and the many evils, ‘bad guys’, that tend to take our love away.

Do you even know God had to fight, sacrifice, to keep his love with us? ‘For God so loved the world that he had to pay the ultimate sacrifice’.

Husband love your wife even as Christ loved the church, and he gave his life for it.

So if you have a religious mind like the former me, I think it’s about you seeing what you want to see in what you see. Jesus and nothing else!

The movie concluded eventually with everything settled and the bad guys destroyed. You might want to say there are no such ‘Happily ever after’ in real life, and I’ll say it depends. That means you can always have the bad guys destroyed for every movie of life you find yourself, and even if there’s a part two or more, there’s always a ‘Happily ever after’, and even if the issue of your love life is like a seasonal movie, remember the series cannot end until the good guy kisses the lucky girl. So don’t give up in the middle of the movie or the season, you will end up with broken heart and a wrong impression of love.

Be like Jesus who for the Joy set before him endured the cross.

If you will end up with ‘Happily ever after’, you only need to be the ‘actor’ that endured and eventually killed the ‘boss’-the ‘Cinderella that endured the wicked step-mother to eventually marry the charming prince; the man or woman who endured the difficulties of the present moments to enjoy a long lasting relationship with his or her partner.

Adeola-mi, our love is worth fight for.



Love you plenty

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Olalekan Owonikoko