I fell in love with her

The first day I set eyes on her.

As I gazed on her body,

Her figure eight was exceptional

As I laid hands on her,

Her hips well tucked under my arms,

My hands caressing her,

Neck to bottom,

I got stucked!

Here is where I’ll die,

My new found love.

Still in my limitation,

The romance started.

Daily exploring her possibilities,

An unending foreplay

Of strums and picks;

Only six strings

Yet, never attaining such heights.

So, we gave birth to our first son,

A beautiful song in the minor mode;

And with that we travelled around.

Yet, something tells me there’s more.

The ‘atare’ gives birth to a multitude;

This ‘Ìyàwo’ must ‘bímo repete’.

We must grow pass Chord I, IV, and V

Or their relatives ii, iii, and iv.

We must advance to the 7ths,

The 9ths, 11ths, 13ths

And their relative Dim, Aug, and Sus.

So I’m far from giving up.

I’ll hold on to you

Till I finally have my way with you;

A complex intercourse of

Barre chords, Flat picking,

Finger picking styles,

And complex strumming patterns

Oh, there Acoustic Guitar ?

You are mine forever

#IamImisioluwa, I am a Creative Writer and I Inspire with Words.

[atare: a local pepper that carries many seeds

ìyàwó: wife

bímo repete: give birth to plenty children]

(C) 2015, Imisioluwa.

BBM:56883d57; WhatsApp:07062031521;Twitter:@Iam_Imisioluwa

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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