So a day before exams, we cram up
Loading every inch of our brains with words
Words that don’t make harmonic sense
Just in response to the past questions and AOC

So we get lucky
The same questions are asked
And we pour out as we have gathered
Leaving our brains emptier than before

Our lecturers are excited
We gave them what they wanted
We are called the brilliant ones
But our intelligence is deadened

They celebrate our mediocrity
They applaud our ignorance
So we are academically relevant
But in reality, societal nonentities.

You may say that’s the way it’s got to be
That the ‘omodé’ until he handles the hilt
Should worry less about his father’s death
Just give them what they want and graduate

But the child that waits till then
Before he learns to use the sword
Before he understudies his father’s murder
May never touch the hilt or die a similar death

True, things may not change in a while
But the 21st century Nigerian student
Must live vis a vis the realities of the 21st century
And not be limited by the present educational system

Lest when we get to the world stage
Our response to global problems would be
“They did not teach us in school o” or
“It never came out in our exams”

However, some may be of the opinion
That ‘èbè là n b’òsìkà kó jé a r’ónà lo’
And insist on the perspective of
‘eni ó bá máa mú òbo á se bí òbo’

And some others may not be interested
In hunting monkeys nor behaving like one
And insist on the perspective of
‘baá bá j’òpòló, ká j’èyí tó l’éyin nínú’

Whatever side you stand, remember, the school grading system has not always being right.  If it were so, Forbes richest people’s list, top CEO’s, most Influential Pastors, and the best Musicians should all be First Class graduates.

Education has never been wrong, it’s man’s way of viewing it that has. So please, while you are in school, get an Education.

#IamImisioluwa, and I hope Bible School is not like that too.

Disclaimer: This is purely the writers’ opinion as it may not be the case in and with all schools, lecturers, and students.

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Enjoy your evening.