I thought she was beautiful
That she took my breath away
Didn’t know it was there all along
By that, I mean my breath

Until this very morning
Apparently, it was the light
At the cinema last night
Not the one from above but from the screen

Shinning in the darkness
That cascaded her face
Making her glow beyond normal
Making me think she was an Angel

So I woke up late for class and didn’t bother to bath
Only to see my assumed Angel from last night
Walking down the stairs of Moremi Hall
Just like every other mortal lady

Nothing special, just like every other girl
So why did I loose my calm last night?
Why did I think she was a must have?
I blame the cinema lights from 1000 seater

Thank God, I waited
Thank God I decided to think twice
Thank God I gave my spirit a chance
and didn’t follow my feelings
Thank God I wasn’t bold enough to say the usual “Hello Bae”

And thank God for Mornings

When the hypnotism of yesterday wears off
And men wake up to reality
When women go back to their pre-make up mode

When many realize the foolery of their yesterday night
When some realize their virginity is now gone uncelebrated
When the voice of the spirit now becomes audible
When things now become clearer

When the identity of the immoral woman becomes known.

Adeola-mi, I still don’t understand why men let themselves get carried away by these things.


Disclaimer: This is purely a creative work of art.

Good Afternoon

Enjoy your weekend.

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