Drifting Away From Love

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(A repost from 02-04-2015)

Is this how one begins to drift away from love?
Is this how ones heart begins to glow for another?
Is this how relationships eventually break?
Is this how an affair begins to take place?

All she had was her sensitivity
She seems to be able to pick out the slightest changes in my expression
Is it a coincidence that she insists on knowing the cause of my troubles?
And don’t they say that a problem shared is half solved?
Is it wrong that she seem to have the words and time to listen and make the pain seem lighter?

Now the once random “how was your night?” has given way to a more frequent “how is your day like tomorrow?”
The occasional “see you tomorrow” is now ushering in, in a rather caring tone to the bike man, “please drive her gently!”
The once unconscious ‘Rhema’ hug has now steered in a more passionate ‘full-frontal’ hug; oh, how tender her breast feels!
The previous “Thank you”, “thank God”, “don’t mention” has now metamorphosed to “anything for you dear”, “love you”, “love you too”, “I care”.
The once emphatic “this is the will of God” is beginning to change to “wasn’t I to quick to assume?”, “shouldn’t I have fasted more?”

Is this not how one’s confession, gradually, begins to change?
And do the propagators of “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage” not make things worse?
At least we are not married? He says
Are these not the tools the devil uses?
That makes us give up on love?
That makes us jump from one relationship to another at the slightest opportunity?
Does commitment only start counting from the wedding day or before?
Are the true witnesses the ones present in church on the wedding day or Trinity that knew when the decision was made in the heart?

These things happen
And one must be sincere with oneself, with God, and other Faithful men.

[It is possible that one meets another who sweeps one off the feet
It is possible that one begins to have doubt and wonder if there’s no more better person out there than the one one has.
It is possible that another winks at one even on the wedding day
It is possible that one’s secretary suddenly becomes more attractive, especially when one’s spouse has become too busy to take care of the body

All these are possible, yet, one must decide if one wants to follow every other lady or man that catches one’s attention.]

Adeola-mi, I am committed to this Love


Semper Fidelis

Disclaimer: This is not merely a creative work of art. It is drawn from a first hand true-life experience (You can chat me up to know what inspired it.)

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