When I look at her
The woman whose prayers will bless my marriage
The woman in whose womb
Adeola-mi had been giving a chance to survive
I see the cry of every mother and my heart bleeds

She sees this young guy going around with her daughter
Proclaiming his love beyond his coffers and she’s glad
Yet, on the other hand she remembers
The moment just before her child took her first breath

She remembers her sleepless night
She remembers the pains, and the circumstances
She remembers her dreams of a child who wouldn’t suffer the things she did
And she begins to wonder

Will this guy be the one to put smiles on my daughter’s face?
Will he be the one to stay with her through the thick and thin?
She knows he is worthy but she’s still scared
She remembers men who were more worthy but who gave up along the way

Let’s see what time will tell of him
Let’s see if he will last past the wedding night
She prays and prays…oh let this one last
Oh Lord, keep him strong

It is these her thoughts that scares me
It is these thoughts that keep me working on my feet

This her child must not be another victim of unwanted pregnancy
This child must not be made to raise a child alone
She must not assume the status of a single parent
She must not live on the other side of the race

This child’s dream must be kept alive
She must grow old in the arms of the love of her youth
This child must be treasured
This child must be loved

It is those thoughts that make me always want to tame my raging erections
And the seeming emotions that arise at the sight of her daughter
These are the thoughts that fill my mind when my hands wrap around her back

These are the thoughts that help keep my underwear on
These are the thoughts that keep me from throwing in the towel
Sometimes, I throw in the towel but I later realized it didn’t make it in
But was caught by the side rings

These are the thoughts that will make my children one day be proud of the man their father had been.

Adeola-mi, you will live and live well.

I am #theimisiOluwa

Pre-marital sex has never proven love or commitment.
It has often been the reason for many pains and tears.

She deserves your self-control.

Sleep sweet.