Overwhelmed (3)


The pain of a break up can kill
It is lethal, and many never recover
Perhaps like an amputated leg
Nothing can ever suffice for it

Yet more deadly is the bondage of wrong love
Like Cancer, It eats you up from within
It’s enough to paralyze mentally
Like the itsy bitsy spider, it’s failure is certain

But how do I test if this is the love I need? You wonder
Ain’t I going to meet someone better tomorrow?
Many wait and wait, hoping and seeking
For a sign to prove the love before living in it

Perhaps this is what makes the subject of love
Like the question of the ‘Existence of God’
You never have enough evidence to show
Or  to explain it empirically

Only until you have believed
Do you experience it
Only until you have accepted
Do you handle it

Can you get to the place where you are 100% certain?
Without any doubt or fear?
Without any uncertainty?
Without any unmet wishes?

Perhaps, all you have is faith
To believe you’re on the right part
To believe your love is true
To believe the love will last

For I must believe first
If God I must know
For I must believe first
If Love I must experience

Adeola-mi, I have found out that the more I believe and accept you Love me, the more I realise you really do.

“…and deliver those who all their lifetime were
subject to bondage through fear of death. Heb 2:15”

#To love, you must have faith.

#IamImisioluwa, your partner in Love.

Sleep sweet.

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