Day Seventeen

To all who embraced Grace
Who worked harder than the rest
Who did the most difficult task of believing
Of believing the Gospel
Of taking God for who He is
And what he said he has done

Those who daily give the glory to Jesus
Not a show of their strength
Who let Christ live through them
Who are humble enough to be forgiven
Who embrace Jesus above their thoughts,
Feelings, guilt, fears, uncertainty, unbelief,
Doubts, sins, weaknesses, weight, and all
Who are not self-centered, and selfish
Who give Jesus his due glory
Who do not make light of the cross

I’ll still write to you much later

But for now,
I appreciate your taking the higher walk
Now keep your gaze on the Christ that you’ve believed
That’s how you are transformed into the same image

I love you

I am theimisiOluwa; And I respect your courage.

Picture Credits: Nathan Dumlao

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