Even if it were to be in the days of our President without balls, to think a whole C in C would cower and refuse to visit a part of his country because of some empty threats by ragamuffins at large is amusing.

Na who no know the king no dey fear the king. Na who no know am dey take am play. President Jonathan if he had wanted to could have visited the turbulent North East without a single shot at his convoy. How much more PMB who spent his entire active life cocking the guns, pulling the triggers and killing in droves.

It is ridiculous to peddle or believe such an untruth- that PMB wasn’t at the South South today because he feared for his life, Baba is not the type to hide away from scarecrows and scallywags on the run.  If there is ever a sacred cow, it is the Presidency.

After and even before the assassination of Muri, the person of the Presidency has always  been heavily guarded, the entourage alone commands awe and strikes fear. Those who stand a very thin chance of striking at such highly protected individuals with some success are military dissidents who are well trained and well coordinated not some fleeing big chested miscreants on cheap drugs and local gins.

My guess is that there are more serious businesses of the government calling for the attention of the “leader of the government’s business” beyond the flag off at Ogoni. Another way to look at it is through the eye of my friend, Osquare D Osquare D. Okpanachi, who believes the atmosphere over there is supercharged with military presence such that the least insult not to talk of assault on the person of the presidency could draw fire from the Buratai boys, leading to loss of innocent lives.

What reasonable President who is still grappling with the ugly face-off between the military and IPOB/MASSOB early in the week would not tread the path of caution in this regard. Even if a Femi  Adeshina told you in his characteristic manner that PMB got a cold feet post Niger Delta Avengers’ rants, refuse to have your intelligence played upon so cheaply.

Play Na play, joke Na joke but seriously speaking, PMB is no lily livered C in C.


-Ayooluwa Oyelere