There are two kinds of people. One that do good only because good was done to them. Another that do good irrespective.
And I’m so glad that Nigeria is part of the latter. It was what made us the ‘Giant of Africa’, if we persist, it will yet make us ‘Giant of the World’
I duff my hat for all Nigerians who are of a better character stock than their fellows.

Perhaps it will help you to know the attack on France is ISIS retaliation on France for getting involved and supporting the victims of ISIS.
So what’s your own wahala?

It’s sad to know that most Nigerians bashing other Nigerians for putting the Flag of France as their DP don’t know it is actually a ‘filter’ option provided by Facebook….cos they keep acting like it is Nigerians that went to search for the pictures.
Facebook provided the option, and they used it.
Even if Facebook didn’t, someone thought of it.

I’m sure many Nigerians would have used Nigerian flag filter on their profile pics had Facebook provided the option.

When attacks happened on Nigeria, Why didn’t you start the trend of putting up Flags by yourself and on your own DP? Now that someone thought it up for France, you are shouting. Why do you crucify others?
People without ideas will keep crucifying those with.

Hypocrites Nigerians who didn’t show solidarity for other nations during their crisis are now doing a superficial
# PrayForTheWorld to prove a point. Why did you wait till now?
Anyways, either from sincerity or as a bash on sincere Nigerians, we thank you still.

You don’t fight racism by putting a placard up and shouting…….you take the higher walk, show love, make your self relevant, and indispensable.

I remember France Sent soldiers to join in the fight against BokoHaram…so what’s your point?
Blame our government if you are angry, or otherwise…..go and hug transformer(na joke o).

The last attack of this magnitude on # France was in 2005, apart from one earlier this year….it is relatively new and strange….so expect people to react to it.
The Iraqi war…was forefront on the media….I watched report from it every night on CNN
The first set of attacks(first bombing) in Nigeria attracted similar attention.
If these attacks continue in #France (which I pray and know it won’t) for the next 7 years, do you think people will still put #France flag as DP?
So why the comparison with Nigeria?

How do you compare a fresh and new attack on # France with over 8 years of attacks on
# Nigeria ?

At the # IndependenceDay bombing,
# BringBackOurGirls and # OurChibokGirls , the world took us seriously….. they probably only stopped when the realized the Nigerian government itself is compromised.

Apparently, # France had been taking in Syrian refugees, and the attack was a retaliation for that. Cos…the places bombed in #France were closer to the boarder and had lots of immigrants.

When the first set of attacks happened in Nigeria, Social Media was not this strong…most Nigerians were probably oblivious of the interactions about it by the international community . So how do you compare that with today?

From the days of # OccupyNigeria , how many people all over Nigeria took to the streets with one voice; to the fight against # Ebola , how people sacrificed, obey instructions, bathed with salt(though erroneously), and how Nigerians drove Ebola away in months; to
# BringBackOurGirls , i know how much prayers Nigerians prayed, we prayed in our churches, and I’m sure they did in other religious places, how people posted prayers on Facebook daily, per minute, how we created whatsapp groups to foster collective prayers, how we meet in twos and threes to pray, how trended on Social Media just to call attention to our plight, many of us have not even left the South west before, yet we realized # OurChibokGirls were our sisters, we wrote poems, sang songs, organized concerts, NGOs worked too, this incident was one of the rreasons Nigerians drove out the Jonathan Administration; to the # March2015Elections , how everyone campaigned, # FeBuhari,
# ForwardNigeria , # March4Buhari different opinions, how we fought ourselves daily on
# Twitter, # Facebook , newspaper stands, how we went out to vote in the sun to vote, how people brought generators from the house to the polling booths just to ensure the Card readers and other tthings wormc, how people waited to ensure their votes were counted , how we sat glued to our television screen as the electioN result was collated; how we accused different people on the attacks on Nigeria, our we wrote songs to encourage our Soldiers @Pitasings; to the present administration # PMB and # PYO , how we won’t let them rest, how we support their good actions and criticize the ones we don’t trust……………it will be a grave, great, and further demeaning INSULT for someone to say that “Nigerians don’t take Nigeria seriously”.
I won’t accept that!.
Though our ideologies, methods, and approach may be different, but that we don’t take our country seriously is a LIE I refuse to accept.
You can only advise us as to how to go about our passion, not to kill our zeal.
Though, many ills appear, and some Nigerians are not of similar minds,
I’ve never been more proud to be a Nigerian.

If you are going to accuse Nigerians, then let it be that you have been known to encourage them before.

Fight Facebook not Nigerians

Syria has been in crisis since, they didn’t do
#prayforSyria , #PrayForTheWorld; it is when well meaning Nigerians started #prayforFrance that they now know they should be doing it.
Hyprocrites! at best is what I can call them, who are just trying to use other Nigerians to score cheap points.

I’ll wait to see what those accusing Nigerians of not taking Nigeria seriously will be doing and saying after this whole #France Saga is gone…if they’ll still be #prayingForTheWorld .

Anyways, all I’m saying is: The fact that Nigerians sympathized with #France , and used the Facebook Filter option does not prove that we don’t take Nigeria that seriously. You can only advice so to do better for our country.
I rest my case.

However, we must also admit the possibility that some people only used the Flag of
#France as their profile pics because it is trending and because Facebook provided the option.
Still, they haven’t done bad.