I wish I could ignore you
Turn away when I see you
Or act like you don’t exist
Like this love is not real

But my heart won’t allow
Leeping at every sight of you
And my spirit won’t let me
Burning always from within
Even my body has joined
Iya Taju ever in ‘congious’ motions

Even when I decide to focus solely
On your inadequacies and weaknesses
Hoping to discourage me from you
From taking responsibility

My heart cries yonder
In eruption of volcanic pains
Brewing beyond control
Burning to the bones

There and there, something tells me
This girl is to be loved, lived for
She is to be handled with care, worth
She is to be the church, and you Christ

What water can quench this
My heart red as coal
Ignited by fierce passion
Crucibles of fiery studge

Olólùfé-mi, this love is beyond sight
It started from deeper within
And since no man knows
The things of a man saves his spirit
I’ve given up trying to ignore
What my heart knows too well
That I love you.

Adeola-mi, sometimes, I am overwhelmed by your Love so much that my brain chickens out and attempts to bail…but I’m always grateful to God for my regenerated Spirit.


Enjoy the rest of your evening