Love Parallel



I wonder what is this ‘thing’ called Love. What is it that makes a woman want to cleave to only one man for the rest of her life? What gives her the assurance the man will make her happy all the days of her life? Has she tried them all? Sometimes you look at a couple and you wonder what they were thinking when they signed the oath of oneness. You wonder if the imperfections and weaknesses of their mates are not visible to them, or if they only decide to ignore them.
Sometimes I wonder why a lady will want to leave others and want to be with me. I wonder if there is not a more handsome guy, or one with a brighter future, one who is more caring and affectionate than me, or one with better educational qualities and higher propensity to make more money.
I wonder if that day will come when a lady will decide to be with me among all others. Hmm … maybe that day will come or not, I can only wait.
Occasionally, I’m forced to think this is a very common disposition, something that happens to many young men and women of my age. Maybe I am just scared of the future ahead, or I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that I’ll soon make a choice of a marriage partner. On the other hand, maybe I’m emotionally unstable, have a low self esteem, seeking attention, and feeling unqualified to be loved. Whatever it is that is wrong or ‘not wrong’ with me, I still find it difficult to understand the many intricacies and sophistication involved in the man-woman relationship; the man who finds his woman, the two who becomes one.
Perhaps this is the greatest mystery on earth.
The mystery of Love.
The mystery of the God called love.
The mystery of Christ and the church.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.


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