What an Evening!


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It was a cool Sunday evening, the harmattan was just beginning to have its full course. The heavens were silent as the angels peeped down from the clouds, leaning on one another. Who dares miss such moment?
They gazed intently, trying to catch a view of the whole proceeding. It wasn’t the first they’ve witnessed. It was a kind of movie, one with a happy ending, that has reached a part in Indian movies called ‘Intermission’, where the story takes an entirely new turn.
In their hearts they wished it would end differently, but they lost that privilege the day the creator gave man his choices to make.
A tear rolled down an angel’s face but it didn’t make it to the ground as it met a colony of bats along its path.

Down,on the ground, the two had found a comfortable place to settle and the angels listened attentively.
The words began to pour back and forth: assumptions and explanations, anger and pleadings, justifications and excuses, logic and theology, questions and answers, intentions and objections, and then finally, the two that broke the camels back: one made the decision, and the other affirmed.

What is man that he has found such favour? You give him something precious and the next minute, he loses it. You offer him wisdom yet, he proudly flaunts his foolishness. Oh that the sons of men will recognize truth!

“So this is where it all ends?”, an angel asked. “Yeah, it’s so obvious!”, another replied.”I really wished they lasted beyond this time, but then, I guess this is just the way of men”, she continued.
“Men often fail to recognize the truth even if it stares them in the face. They often wait till experience teaches them the hard way. But then, the creator wouldn’t abandon them to their stupidity. He finds a way to make it work together for good. So friends, they’ll do just fine”, he added, “Each one of them will learn, adjust, and do just fine in the nearest future” chipped in Gabriel, the arch angel.”Yes you’re right”, agreed the first angel, “It’s just so sad to witness the break-up of another promising relationship. Though, they’ll be sad and hurt for a while,they’ll eventually be fine”.

The two on the ground stood up, each going their own way, perhaps, never to meet again. The angels walked back into heaven as they closed up the clouds.

What an evening!

#Adeola-mi, the lady I loved.
(Edited by:Oreoluwa Soleye)

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

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