Someday, in the nearest future, when me and some of my brothers and friends like Charis, Tayo, PLove, Shola…, have finally become a fuller physical representation of what we are today; those days when we have had more cash and time to play around, some ladies will see us in the newspapers and magazines, on the social media, as reports of our escapades are being documented; some will meet us in the shopping mall as we pick up the choicest things into our carts; others will merely see us in our drives and will, sincerely and innocently, pray to God to bring us their way; some will wish we will just ask them out- even if it was just a date, but then it would have been too late because many years before then, today, some ladies didn’t insist on waiting till they saw before believing in us, they didn’t wait till we had everything before they fell in love with us.
Some will see us and call us lucky to have had wives who are also blazing the trail, they will almost accuse the creator of partiality to have allowed two successful people fall in love, but wouldn’t understand we were just ordinary young people back then willing to journey through life together according to the way of truth, letting God make the best of us.
In those days, we will walk up tall, our heads held high, hand in hands with them, as we show the world the ladies we had chosen to fall in Love with from the days of our youth.
Adeola-mi, Thank you for Falling in Love with me.
It’s a forever Love affair baby.

[“How dare you look at a guy/girl God is still working on and call him/her a failure?”]

#Adeola-mi, the Lady I Love.

(C) 2014, Imisioluwa

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