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Come Home, Baby by Tomi Omotoso 

Come Home, Baby by Tomi Omotoso


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Right now, I really have no idea what exactly I’m about to write to you but I choose to write tonight because I feel the need to let out my mind.

Know what?
Would you believe if I told you that my writing habit suffered a great deal ever since I stopped writing to you?
You remember right?
All those letters I was fond of writing to you and our unborn kids?
I’m sure you’ve not forgotten so soon how I promised you we are having 3 children and I gave them names already?
I’m talking about our twin girls and one boy; Samuel.

Now, you remember. Aww!
I remember those times when my pen graced the pages of my journals writing beautiful nothings to you.

I remember how I was fond of always painting a picture of our home and future.

You sure know I love to pour my love on you especially via my words.
It gives me so much joy to write to you!
Well, that’s how it used to be at least.

I can’t remember when exactly it happened or how it did, but I know at some point I stopped writing to you because it brought out the very vulnerable me. The very emotional me. The very kind of me you’d come to fall in love with. The me that not everyone gets to see. Your very own “Me”. Your special “Me”.

Thinking about it tonight, I realize, “Hey! You may be setting up yourself to losing your vulnerability completely. To becoming stuff with your emotions rather than letting them flow easily”.

So, for you, I break the jinx tonight.
I choose to write tonight.
Because you’re deserving of it; of my vulnerability; of my floodgates of emotions.
Well, I had thought this was gonna be a rant but Babe, ain’t you just my weakness?
Like Gosh! I couldn’t even bring myself to rant the hell outta you!
I guess I’m just charmed!
Charmed by this King!
This King so calm but yet firm!
This Peace that calms my storm.

You’re home, baby.
With you is home.
Your arms are my haven.
Your embrace; my delight.
I’ve waited for you; I still am. I still will.
Because you’re deserving of it.
Come home, Baby.
My arms are waiting.
My touch is longing
My being is anticipating…
for You.

Your #OnPointBabe

Tomi Omotoso

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