A Child's Fate


Who says the child won’t grow
Who says he’ll never become a man
Who says she’ll forever remain a toddler
Not knowing his left from his right

Who says this is all there is to her
Who says his best days are now
Who says he is not more than meets the eye
That the prevailing is her last

Who says he won’t learn
Who says her ignorance would survive
Who says he’ll always be daft
Living in ways eccentric

Who says she’s an aberration
Who says he’ll never rhyme with time
Who says her life is done
Never seeing the light of day

Who says the boy won’t find love
Who says she’ll never get a crush
Who says he’ll always be a loner
Not having one to share her heart

Who says his name won’t appear on the list of the great
Who says she’ll always be a mediocre
Never succeeding in finding his identity
Living as a slave to her fellow-men

Would you judge him by his ‘now?
Or would you give her a chance to grow?
Would you criticize his ‘today’
Or Help her tomorrow find expression

Even the best of men have been boys once
They have had their own share of mistakes and failure
But had been given only the chance to be their best
If only we will let her grow
At his pace maybe,
Maybe she will find his true self
Unleash his strengths
And release the gift he is for the world to see

Everybody goes through the same phase you are now, why give up on yourself?

Why think no good can come out of you? Why let failure stop you?

Those who try to discourage you are only afraid of what you can do if only you’ll get it right.

Those who say you can’t succeed are only judging from their own failures.

Would you quit being a guest at your own pity party and pick up your life for the better?

There is more to you…am watching out for you!

Let the Child in you grow up!

Become the man you are meant to be!

Happy Children’s Day


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