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“We will all be raptured in Jesus name”, she said, as she continued her short speech-just at the close of the meeting-and everyone was quick to say a resounding “amen”. Just then, the whole world stood still, the clock stopped ticking, and my own heart’s beat became clearer. I began to compare my fears with that of everyone seated as it echoed in the silence of our hearts. The reality of the whole thing began to dawn on me; as well as some questions.
Is the idea of rapture not more than saying a couple ’amen’ in church? Now….that’s for those who even believe in it. Yet, we all shouted our own portion of “amen” as passionately as we could.
“But could we all possibly be raptured…I mean all of us seated here?” We answered with such assurance; when deep inside us we knew the things that characterize our privacies; or maybe to say I know what characterizes mine.
How would those left behind live, feel or act when they realize those with whom they shared the same religious engagements had gone beyond them. Yet, we all sounded like we didn’t have doubts in our hearts, perhaps, the reason for the loud response.
I just really hope we are all doing all we can to earn the right to reign with him finally in eternity. Perhaps, all our race on earth has been only to build things that won’t exceed this present moment; maybe it’s time to re-examine our priorities.
It’s time we realized having a right standing with God transcends our compliance with religious standards but by the life we have and live, which is exhibited in our motives and intentions, as well as our moment to moment way of live.
Long life in Eternity.

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