Anticipation (The Story)


I stared at my hand, ready to move at any slight pulse, waiting for just one thing: Her name written in the light. For a voice or words, (even a flash would do), but it never came. Once, the lights came and I moved, but no, it was MTN again.
Should have ringed myself, but I was caught between two worlds. All I wanted was a show of desire.”Oh please! Give me a reason to keep doing this”. It appeared I shared the interest alone.
In the midst of my confusion, ego came, and I lost the fight. I didn’t and you didn’t. Good for us. That’s bad enough.
But then, my cloud of witnessess aren’t impressed: Sekou, Pst Nike, Tayo, Yemisi, Shola, Kemi, Bimbo, Imisi, Ore, Paul, John, and Yeshua.”You can do better than this”, they all said.
Ok, I agree. Tonight is late, but the morning brings a new chance. At the first light in my day, I will. I promise; I will. I wish you will, but I will. Apparently, I’ve lost this again, and ego is not pleased. I will, I will, and I will; even if I have played the fool, still, I will.

In other words:I was expecting her call but she didnt, the only text I got was from mtn. And I didn’t call her to. I wanted to hear her voice but wanted her to show she wants to hear mine too. Late till the night she didn’t. Then I remembered the characteristics of Love as written and exhibited by Jesus, Paul, John and the people I have bragged to about knowing what love is. So, I buried my ego, but it’s late at night. It’s difficult, but I’ll call her in the morning.

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Olalekan Owonikoko