Bring Back Our Girls by Ayooluwa Oyelere.

Bring Back the Girls .
Have you read the papers
Did you hear what they say.
Another suicidal devil
From cannibal- land
In a truck carting several
Tens of damsels to
God knows where.
Beyond the age long feud
Between kriryos and imoles.
Beyond the dumb Jihad
Against book and learning.
Legions of daemons now
Inhabit the high and the mightys
Of this national life.
They aid and abet
The cold theft
Of innocent lives
With straight faces
For political pittance.
Yet, beasts in earth-suits
Sympathetically sits in
Round tables to do
Debates on the state
Of the nation.
Everybody need to lend a hand,
Everybody must lend a heart.
Everybody must lend a word
Everybody must lend a prayer.
For an Angel of Light:
To go bring back the girls,
For the Balm of Gilead:
To heal our land.
(C) Ayooluwa Oyelere, 2014.

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