Day Twenty- #40DaysAppreciation Challenge

To the greatest people on earth
Saviors and sailors of this world
The thermostat that regulates our social enclaves
Who painstakingly weave words in beautiful melodies
Who give us companions to take us through the difficult nights
Who give healing to our troubled souls
Who put dance on beneath our feet
Who inject instructions in to our minds
Who help many a people draw God close
Who give expression to our inexpressible moods
I appreciate you

The world may not pay you as it ought to
Your work may go submerged in the sea of pirates
Some might even call us mere entertainers

But if this is ever a consolation
I’ll like you to know

That some of us may not have made it till today
If you haven’t written that song
We may have being buried in the pit
Of rejection, dejection, and frustration
We would have lived very lonely lives
Had you not made the music
You are the reason we had not committed suicide
When depression stung us like a bee
Save those whose music brings death

Or you don’t know how?
They tell a guy a lady is a mere object of sex
With that they pump him full of libido
And depending on his level of stupidity
His emotions run him down over like a charging bull
The next moment she’s been deprived forcefully
What else is there to life? She asks
You get the rest of the gist

But not you
Your words, the notes, the chords
From piano to forte and back to pianissimo
You are the silent whispers of hope
From largo to allegro to presto
You are the rhythm of our heart
You make the world habitable
You make the world go round
You help us see past the miseries of today
You find a way to make us laugh
You are our Heroes

To every Music practitioner
(I won’t even mention the various categories)
Who make music, and make music happen
Who do the hard work, make sacrifices of time and resources
I appreciate you.

I am theimisiOluwa; I’m grateful to God for the gift of music, and those, like me, who make it happen

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Olalekan Owonikoko