Day Two – #40DaysAppreciation Challenge 

When you haven’t fallen so hard, disappointed yourself, and done the things you’ve promised God…no, boasted to God you’ll never do, it’s easy to stand on the streets and talk about God’s judgement, his other side, his anger and all such thing. 

I look at my life today, not from a book, nor from what a man-of God said, but what I’ve seen, felt, handled, and experienced of God, and I come to a conclusion: God’s love does not just make any sense. I don’t understand it. 

It was in my most fallen, my most undeserving,  most sinful moments that I’ve felt his Love communicated to me the most. His still small voice telling me:

“Son, you’re mine
We’re in this together
I can’t give up on you just yet
You’ve come a long way
And I have faith you’ll get better
I have chosen to complete what I’ve started
To see Me fully expressed in you
You and I
Bounded together in Love
My love is not only when you are good
Even at your worst moment
Your disobedience will hurt you
And that’s what I don’t want for you
So don’t give up”

Dear God, 
This your Love is overwhelming
Who am I that you’re mindful of me
What do I have to deserve this loving
Your love cripples me
Cripples my fears, my stubbornness 
It cripples my selfishness 
It cripples me to the point of repentance 
It makes me run hard after you
It’s simply overwhelming
And I’m grateful 

I am theimisiOluwa; and I’m grateful for your Love. 

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Olalekan Owonikoko