#Adeola-mi, you see ehn…. We’re not like awon Kan that don’t know theirselves yet😂 but for we, I know you, you know me, we know ourselves.

The way you burst my head and heart with soooooo much love ehn, I used to fear the love will finish before we marry. Like if we use all the love here naw, what will remain when we marry but time after time after time the love just dey plenty berekete.

You know that your kiss be melting in my mouth like Kit Kat minty chocolate.

You are just golden like that. Your heart is made of GOLD. You yourself are made of GOLD. Your face is black, your arm is brown, your chest is gold(I’m the only one that knows that part).🥰😘

Baby, I love you more always. More than the wahala you will give me, more than your arguments, more than your provocations.
Let us just dey alright forever.
Chop eternal kisses mmmmuahhh.

Victoria Gold

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