Evading Idolatry

The world is fast becoming a very dangerous place to live; not only physicaly but, morally, mentally and socially. It is becoming more dangerous for the right minded  to live, while those with diluted minds keep sailing through with ease.

Looking at the political terrain of this nation, you’ll see how almost impossible it is for a ‘good man’ to ever succed. Unfortunately,this phenomenon has transcended the political sphere into the very core of our national lifestyle. It seems very impossible to succed in this nation still holding pact with truth and honesty. It seems there must be some form of dishonesty somewhere along the way.

The educational sector has not been immune to this. You certainly would have heard statements like; “omo tó mo way ló mòwé”; a good rhyme though, but void of any moral standing. Now,we have many competent graduates roaming the streets of Lagos, while their ignoble counterparts seat in offices with their shamless heads held high.

You could even see in many churches, as Kemi fashokun pointed out, many of their members giving testimonies of how ‘God’ seemingly got them job’s they were not in anyway competent for, while they leave the competent ones jobless. God is not fair and unjust. It is such people that end up ruining such companies.

You’llsee brilliant people searching and seeking vigourously for admission into a higher level of learning while their rather dull counterparts fly over them into matriculation gowns, just because their father and the registerar belong to the same social club. And year after year, we keep having tons of pupils wander the street just because some less intelligient but ‘smart’ people took their spot on the admission list.

All these are not even as painfull to me, as much as the invovlement  of those who have become major stakeholders; those to whom should be the custodians of truth and justice; not because they are better, but because they belong to the lineage of them who owns truth and justice.  But what bastard generation this is, denying its origin; soiling its name-a name bought with blood.

We have forgotten the bloodof him who flows through our viens, negleting the spirit within us and gradually and unconsciously contaminating our conscience; our only precious gift.

I am not saying it is uttrely wrong to allow someone put a good word for us in places we don’t have access to, but when we neglect the normal process, and the God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly andabove all we can ever ask or think; when we begin to promote ideas like ‘heaven help does who help themselves’, ‘lets put God aside and face reality’, forgetting him who has promised to cause everything to work for our good, then , serious cases of idolatory could be considered here.

So when a young child like me, seeking admission into a rather competitive school,decides not to spread the tenacles of his credentials beyond the shores of the normal admission processes; they call him stupid and not smart. But will it be wrong if he decide to put all his hopes together, placing them in the hands of him who he calls God; would it be stupid if heput all his eggs in one basket, placing it in the hands of him to whom all creation and nations bow?

Yet, idolatry isn’t just bowing down to images and statues but entirely given things and people credit for what only God can do. And because God uses people to do the things he doesin no way mean that the power resides in them. Idolatry is still a serious problem today, but it takes a different form. We don’t put or trust in statues of woods and stones, but in paper money and in plastic cards. Our modern idols are the symbols of Power, Pleasure, and Prestige that we so highly regard.

When we understand the contemporary parallels to idolatry, Paul’s word to “flee from idolatry” become much more meaningful.


Even as I write this, the admission list of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University is yet to be released, and I have decided to put my faith in the God I trust. The chances are only two, that I get admitted or not.

This is only one of my own forms of idolatry, yours is definitely different. But whatever form it might appear, let’s make up our minds to constantly and consistently evade Idolatry; pledging allegiance to our king in all things.

So Help us God.

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