I wish I were perfect
I wish I never made mistakes
I wished I never missed it
I wish I never did evil

Then I’d point fingers at your fault
I’d let you realize how wrong you were
I’d let you know you should have done better
I’d let you know how wicked your actions were

I wish my sanctification process was complete
Then I’d insult you for not being exactly like Christ yet

But then, I’m not
I’m still on my way
I’ve done wrong too
I make mistakes too

So I’ll let it pass
I’ll let you choose how you treat me I’ll forgive you
I’ll walk in love

But, I’ll take my feet off the ground
Lest you step on it again
I’ll shield my heart
Lest you wield your knife again

I’ll let God be the judge between you and I
For his mercy prevails over judgement.

(C) 2015, Ìmísíolúwa.

Your heart is too important to be holding people up in it. Loose them and let them go! And there you find peace.