wpid-18-foolproof-ways-to-make-a-girl-fall-in-love-with-you.pngI remember the first night we shared
As we journeyed that lonely road
As the streetlight cascaded your face
I knew I was with her, the one I had waited for.

“Don’t ever leave me”, I whispered
Many nights have passed now
And I can’t imagine you not here with me
Gosh! I miss you too much

Well, isn’t this the way it goes
The journey of two sweet nothings
As they travel to the altar
Here a little, there a little

Moments of emotional outbursts
Others of selective aloneness
Times of daily date nights
Others of severe anticipation

Whatever season we are now babe
My heart, forever yours to hold
In sight and out of sight
Yours to keep for life

Even when the altar has come and gone
When Mo Bridals has done its best
Such nights as this may still come
That keep us away for a night or two

But the next available flight can always be booked
To meet the beauty of your smiles
As we lay in each others’ warmth
In our Spektrum designed home

No matter how clean TMP or Gudugudu makes these pictures
It still can’t suffice having you in sight
No social networking site has yet succeeded
Substituting your very presence’s

Perhaps, teleportation can do the trick
Not the ‘Edo or Ondo Airways’ type ò
Except it can be scientifically explained
Till then, let’s keep things strictly physical

(C) 2015, Imisioluwa

All I’m saying is that
I have missed our
Wednesday night gist


Enjoy your evening.