Just How Long?



I once asked “How long should one wait in love for the beloved to really understand that one’s love is for real and decide to accept”, and various responses followed.
Some said, “If it is true love, it will last and not change no matter what happens”
And I quite agree with them…

Even when the beloved keeps rejecting and pushing the lover away…love must endure and one must have faith.
Even when the beloved begins to tilt towards another…one must have faith and keep love alive.
Even when the parent of the beloved has giving consent for the new one…one must not faint for they can still change their mind, abi?
Even when the marriage date is fixed between the beloved and her new lover… one must stick to faith, for anything can happen.
Even when the new couple welcomes their new born…one cannot still afford to faint.
Even when a lot of others start showing interest…one must not forsake the one whose love first filled the heart.
Even when the beloved’s obituary is announced in one’s old age…one must still believe that time can still be reversed and the love can still come alive.

We seem to forget that it is the generation of men that falls in love with women, and that it is the generation of women to either accept or reject
Even the savior wouldn’t force the beloved on the lover
Moja mosa la fi n ma kin kan ju lo ju ogun, a kin kan ju to ba moja ti o bam o sa, iru won a maa bogun kogun lo
Perhaps, one must know when to let go and when to hold on.
And know when one’s love as been rejected and learn to move on

But then, there are times when one is convinced that the beloved is meant to be loved no matter what.
That the beloved merely needs time, and will one day see.
That things won’t  get to the point, as described above.
That God has brought them together for a great purpose.

However, “Let everyone hold on to what they believe”.


[It is possible that one finds true love and make excuses.
It is possible that one finds the one who is ready to lay down life for love and one still throws it away on the grounds of personal gratification.
It is possible that one finds true love and frustrate it with actions and inactions.

All these are possible, yet one must be willing to take responsibility for what eventually comes out of Love.]

Sleep Sweet.

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