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Let’s tHrust Each Other by Bunmi Florence. 

Let’s tHrust Each Other by Bunmi Florence.


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Dear Adéolá mi,

I was walking down this ash painted road,
When he ran up to me, panting
Said he had been shouting my name just a few steps away
To tell me that he delights in me, but,
How could I have heard his ‘whimpers’ when your ‘heartbeats’ are louder than his voice.

Today, Arápáregángan told me that I dance so well.
He asked me to hold his hands and dance into his home.
But, the melodies of your love twitched my body in the opposite direction.
With each step, I affirm my unfailing love to you.

I want to tell you about Seeker
He looked at me, delightedly
Like he had found a treasure to protect.
He playfully stroked my cheeks,
He held my hands and asked me to look into his pupil and see my forever with him.
I saw sincerity,
But bolder was your smiling face in it?
I blinked three times, yet, your smiling sight was too beautiful to behold
And when my lips responded in beauteous smile and even muttered the loving name I call you
Seeker knew he could get no way farther
For he is not the one that is to come

Dear Adéolá mi,
If you need your space today to do some navigations,
I’ll be here, patiently waiting to see what you’ll find.
I know you will find me
Cos I’m yours truly.

If you know what would bring me home to you,
If your heart thirsts and longs so much for me like a strong wine,
Will nothing restrain you?
Tell me you will detach yourself from every encumbrance.

My dear Adéoláááááá,
Would you get on your knees if that would bring me home to you?
What if you have to travel a million miles?
Would you not leave me to guess your sincerity out of your many playful sentences?
Would you say my name and tell me you’ve found the one you crave for and love passionately.
That I am the one you want to dance with for the rest of your life.

And I would tell you how you’ve touched my heart in all its beautiful places and flooded my mind with till-death thoughts.
How you’re the one I want to hold and never let go.

How lost in you should I be, dear Adéolá mi?

And when I am yours and you are mine,
Would you understand, trust, and promise to let none other interfere?
Would you not let the world peep in and dictate how we should move our waists to the rhythm of each other’s love strings?

Let’s not fall into boring old routines
For I’d always love to be your little girl
I want to giggle at your usual gestures as though they’re new
I want to slumber in your warm embrace
Let’s wrap all our longings in many blissful thrusts and nights of passion.
And paint the soft layers red on our first MOMOL
I want to receive your love in all the right places.

Let’s tHrust each other
learn together,
forgive each other,
Care together,
Believe in each other,
Love genuinely,
Hope for all things beautiful,
Stand together,
Stay strong together,
Have fun together,
Do MORE together,
Grow old together,
All because we can
Adéolá mi, we will.

To you,
the one who made me ask all the important questions
And because of whom I got the right answers

I am yours truly
Forever found me sane
Adéolá mi,
The one who will not leave.

With love,
Àrídunnú Adéolá mi,
Bunmi Florence.

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  1. Bunmi Florence

    Thank you so much for this?. I had even forgotten that I wrote this??

    1. theimisioluwa

      It’s a very powerful poem. Thank you for writing it.

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