My desire to Love is a deep seated one.
The resolution to be my best to my woman
Is one of my greatest convictions
The decision to give her the best of me
Whether it is this Lady or that
I cannot tell
Whoever she is
My heart and Life for hers’
Surely, love like my fathers’

I made the promise long ago
And I’m pleased with it
I promised to love and care
And be there for you
I swore to give my life for yours
And I’m bound by it
With my blood, I’ll see it done.
Yes, I promise you, my dear
A love like my fathers’

Whoever you are
Whatever you are
Just as Christ loved the church
Your colour won’t matter
Your name won’t matter
My fame won’t matter
I’ll wait for you
I promise to be yours alone
Surely, Love like my fathers’

Adeola-mi, The Lady I’ll Love.

[Adeola-mi is my non-fictional fictitious romantic character that draws from true life love stories to ask and answer questions on Love; which can only be predicated on Love himself. ]
Stay tuned and have a lovely night rest.

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