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Morenikeji by Watti Boaz


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Dear Adeola Mi,

I daily muse about you and write songs with my favourite love pet name like “Morenikeji” while I do so. I don’t really mind, but it would be a plus for me if your name was Ruth, because I am Boaz. You remember the story in the Bible right?

I wouldn’t know if our path have crossed already, maybe you are that lady I’d smile to on my way to work everyday or maybe you are that friend I’d talk to everyday in the name of friendship. Thing is, I could hardly tell the difference between the red, yellow and green light right now, but I am still trying to make sense of every data I have at my disposal.

I know a few things about you already. You are extremely beautiful, intelligent, empathetic and in deep touch with the spiritual. I would skip the other details and maybe you might not tick on the boxes as I might not for you, I was taught that love some times is about compromise. So I would like you for all the right reasons and love you despite your flaws and I’d hope you would do same while we grow into our best versions.

I would hold your dreams, vision and aspirations as important as mine and would not have your place refined to the kitchen and the other room (In Buhari’s Voice) and NO, you don’t have to know how to or love to cook, we could get a chef to do that, but if you do, then it’s a plus for me.

Marry me someday soon, would you?

Yours Truly

Watti Boaz

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