Of Christian Brothers and Nails (Part 2)

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Tears flow down the face of supporter Marty Nesbitt as Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., speaks about race during a news conference in Philadelphia, Tuesday, March 18, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Nail three:
So…there’s this final guy who is a friend to this girl; not just a friend but a very close one. They’ve been together for a while, they like each other, and have made it known severally, using diverse mono and multi-syllabic appellations like ‘sweetie’, ‘dear’, ‘sugar’ etc. They are best friends. They spend a lot of time talking and doing life together. They can tell each other anything.

So….the guy is hyper-confident. He doesn’t sweat trying to propose. No cock and bull story. He knows too well it’s a ‘yes’. In fact, if not for his friends that insisted there should be a verbal commitment to their relationship, he might as well admit they were ‘lovers’ already. So the question of a ‘No’ doesn’t cross his mind. They’ve gone past that stage. But still he’s going to make it memorable for her.

So…they meet as usual, just before she walks into her hostel-or room, or father’s house, her favourite restaurant, he begins to carefully lay down his heart. As he concludes, he tries to imagine her response: “oh Olajide mi…I love you too, and I’ve waited for this day for a long time. You’re all I want and I asked God for….bla bla bla”, until suddenly when he snaps out of dreamland only to hear the most shocking statements of his life.
“Olajide…I love you too, and I know you love me….but c’mon you are my friend…I love you but babe, I don’t love you that way, I don’t love you like that…You’re like the sister I never had…Please, Let’s just keep this our friendship, let’s not spoil things”.
He looks up and down. His heart begins to beat in ‘hemi-demi-semi-quaver’.
“Are you kidding me?” he says to himself. He begins to feel dizzy.
And as if the ‘nail’ isn’t long enough, she drives it deeper by adding “I hope this doesn’t affect our relationship, I hope we’re still friends? Cos I don’t want to lose you”.
Tears begins to form in eyes, but he wouldn’t let it out. The matter is now like ‘isó inú ègún’, he must endure it. He tries to fake a smile. He tries to absorb everything in. He wouldn’t let her know his disappointment. For him, it wasn’t a nail. He won’t admit.

So he replies her, “Of course, we are always friends…I’m still here…you are not going to lose me….and I still care about you.” But he wishes the words were sweeter.

It is until he gets home before he realizes that ‘paracetamol’, and ‘panadol extra’ can’t solve the problem. He must now combine ‘Ibupain’, ‘Ibucap’, ‘Novagin’, ‘Alabukun’, and ‘Procold’, all taken with unripe lemon juice; because now, he has developed cold and catarrh.
Yet, his woes are just beginning. For he must keep appearance. His love mustn’t be seen as conditional. He wakes up daily to behold her-the girl he may never have.

This is the deadliest nail. To have your love thrown back at you, yet in the most romantic way. To be a custodian of a love heart that will never be yours.
The nail can’t be removed just yet, for it remains as long as she’s there.
So the pain lingers.

Now, he must see a doctor.

#IamImisioluwa; before you ask me if I’ve experienced any of these before, let me ask you: Guys, how many nails have you received and what category? Girls, how many have you given and which type?

To all ‘nailers’ and ‘nailees’.

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Sleep Sweet.

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