Of Christian Sisters and Nails


In the world of ‘nails’, the lady is not left out, it is just societal disposition that makes her case oblivious. She doesn’t propose, so she technically cannot get a nail. But then, are there not subtle, silent, and inconspicuous nails?

So she is his friend.
She likes him and he likes her, but he isn’t saying anything.
He only speaks in various parables, whose meanings are subject to diverse grammatical connotations: “You occupy a special place in my heart. You mean so much to me”. She thinks he’s in love with him, so she let’s her guards down. “I think he’s going to ask me out soon”, she tells her girlfriends. Only that it doesn’t happen soon enough. Perhaps he has found another. Perhaps his heart was never with her. But she’s in love already.

“I don’t want to lose him”, she tells herself. So she shows herself friendly, checks up on him often, calls him all the names she could come up with, asks him to walk her home daily, talks with him always but he won’t say the word nor give any such commitments.

Some times, she just let things play, hoping and wishing, until the guy gets serious with the other girl. He begins to avoid her questions and presence. He doesn’t fight her, but pushes her away gradually. And that’s the nail right there. She’s hurt, but no body can detect it. She’s a lady. So it is not that painful.

Other times, she’s bold enough to talk to him about it. And boldly, he clarifies things: “I don’t love you like that”. She can’t hide the emotions, so the tears find their way running down. She doesn’t say much. Until she gets to her room, and narrates to her best friends. “After all the things I did for him. He even introduced me to his mum…How can he now say I’m just his friend”.
She is really pained. All she needs is her girlfriends to pet her, she’ll be fine. Of course, she can’t talk about it openly. So she endures the pain silently.
When you ask her about the guy, all she can say is “Bode is not a serious guy joor, I’ve let him go”
And that excuse works just fine.
For nobody can say she was given a nail-that her proposal was rejected.
For there was never one.


“For you to keep a heart, you must be willing to break other hearts.” (Not because, you’re wicked, but to give someone a ‘Yes’, you must be willing to give others a very convincing ‘No)
-Akinyosoye Akinbobola (2010). Explanations are mine.

Tonight, in Ile-Ife, it’s a weather for Two. Yes, Two tablespoonful of coffee, Two teaspoons of sugar, Two good hours of tongues and meditation, and a Blanket Too thick for cold to handle. Yes, it’s a weather for Two. Or what did you think I was going to say?

Just kidding

Sleep Sweet.

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