Today, I assumed the status of a professional Keyboardist. I sat behind the Keyboard, a yamaha…(I didn’t take note of the details) and I couldn’t help laughing at myself; only true Keyboardist like Barrister Tolu and Osunsanya Tayo could have been able to tell the difference, unless of course, every other person played along with my little prank.

I got dressed in my Black suit (not a tuxedo) and was headed for the Carol service of a school close to my house.

Poor me, I don’t like carrying false identity, but this one was more of an emergency. My friend, Toriola, an upcoming Keyboardist but good Violinist and Saxophonist in his own right wouldn’t be available for the event after much rehearsal and I had to fill in for him.

Why on earth did I come to his mind as a substitute in the first place? I like sticking to my calling as a singer, I can only agree I had acquired a pedigree after staggering on the keyboard for a couple of praise and worship session the last convention in church.

As I stepped the school grounds, my heart raced to and fro. I could only wish my other half was there with me to witness what ever would become of me. Well, at this time my confidence had increased from what it was after the first day of rehearsal.

Now I understand how much work is done by the Keyboardist,  especially when we Praise leaders command them to suit us.

My first mistake was when I was to transpose from the key of ‘A’ to ‘C’ and only God knows the key I went to. I went on from one song to another praying I survived the next moment. Only one thing kept ringing in my mind: “you are a music student of the Great Obafemi Awolowo University, it can’t get that bad that you won’t have something to play”. And yes I did, I had something to play; I survived.

Maybe not the perfect stuff but I have learnt that I can’t go wrong sticking with my ‘ doh, fah, soh, and lah chords that is, my ‘Root, Dominant, Subdominant and Submediant Chords’ Occasionally, I felt like adding the ‘se, taw and their other counterparts, but I knew that was trouble the moment I missed the combination.

Interestingly, at the end of the service, they told me Thank you and handed me a pack of ‘plantain chips’ and water.

And that could only mean they didn’t really recognize my ignorance or then, they didn’t want to embarrass me.
Anyways, it was fun and an adventure assuming the status of a professional Keyboardist.
Time to sharpen some piano skills.

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