Outside the City Gate.

Courtesy of:/ShRoOmErZ3/media
Courtesy of:/ShRoOmErZ3/media

Many people want to live a serene life; a life void of noise and unnecessary distractions. Reason why many surviving families tend to move towards places like the G.r.a. But for me, the reverse is the case. I have always enjoyed living the city life. Since our house is located along the gates of one of the busiest road in the city-a link road into the city, I have come to form my life around the experiences of the road. Why live a boring and isolated life when you can see and enjoy the life and drama of the everyday city people? Even though it possess some risk, in all, it is always interesting. As usual, like I always do, I had formed the habit of looking down from my window at the various passer bys as they interact with each other; you’d see some after peacefully talking with each other just starting a fight like they never knew each other before and yet, so many other; this morning was not a different one; on days like this, which is usually the busiest day, the Gate was jam-packed because of the huge cathedral located right inside the city; making this city a very religious one. I was at my window very early in the morning waiting for the drama to begin, it looked like the morning’s passer bys are quite the gentle ones. It always looks like that every morning but sooner or later the drama will begin. As I was busying myself with the events that were just beginning to unfold, I suddenly heard noise and shouts coming from outside the city gate, before I knew it, people were beginning to rush outside to see what was happening and I followed. Just up the road was a man coming down, riding on a young donkey, with a crowd following before and after him shouting, screaming and rejoicing. Wow, this morning will be interesting; do people still ride donkeys? Yet, I followed to fully discover the reason for this drama. The crowd at this point had caused so much distraction that no one could easily passed. The shouts had increased; many kids took that opportunity to display their own naughtiness. I held on to my wallet closer, who knows what could happen. Some of the city officials came to quiet the crowd but they could not be stopped. I saw people throwing down their cloths, scarves and others, palm-tree branches, such that the donkey never stepped on bare ground as they bowed down before him, at first I thought it was a political campaign, but it wasn’t; but the man must be a philanthropist or something. With the way this man is popular and was celebrated, I thought, He had better run for a political office; if he does, you can be sure he’ll win before the election. But well, it isn’t election time yet; let’s wait; perhaps He’ll run for a seat in the shandehrin. The shout was so tense that the only thing I could make of their shout was “Hosanna…”, only until I got closer did I realize their full words: “Hosanna…Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” “Blessed is the king of Israel” I asked who it was and they said: “This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee” As he finally entered into the city, our great city of Jerusalem, I could only describe it as, indeed, “A Triumphant Entry”

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