OVERWHELMED (continued)


…Oh Adeola-mi,
I never want to lose you
How do I do that?
How do I keep you till death do us part?
Even those mightier have fallen?
I need answers!
Maybe I can’t keep you,
Maybe I don’t have the capacity to
Maybe I can’t hold you close forever,
Maybe death is stronger
Maybe the immoral woman is smarter, Maybe man in himself is incapable
Maybe you can’t keep me either,
Maybe we’re just helpless by ourselves

Perhaps, only one option remains…

And I’m willing to try;
If it fails, it won’t matter
I am helpless already

Only one option…

To give my love to LOVE to keep
To give LOVE my heart to hold

“Oh Lord, the maker of all things.
The one who is called Love. I am helpless, but you seem to be my last resort. You can decide to fail me to, it won’t matter. But I’m willing to believe you won’t. I’m willing to trust you. Though it’s difficult, but I’ve decided to give all to you.

So dear God, Jehovah, I lift up this love to you, I lift up Adeola-mi that has so taken over my heart. I lift up this treasure to you. I give her all over to you. That in your hands she might be safe. I give her to you to keep for me because you gave her to me. Cos, I don’t trust me. Lord, do one thing for me. Keep her safe, and keep me from losing her. Lead me in your ways. If you can, make me like you. Make me LOVE. Let me know love and what it entails. Give me a piece of you in me. Make me yours. So that after me, men like you can live again.”

#Adeola-mi, you are Priority, so I’m giving you over to LOVE to keep.


Sleep sweet.

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