Running the Race with Grace – Olushola Emmanuel Bamisaye.

Where sins abound, grace abound so much more to overcome all sins… Please, let us try to understand the fact that for every grace that we have, there is a demand for it from sin; because sin is just the demand for grace. The highest mountain is still under the heavens and if we know that we are from heaven indeed, this should be our proof on earth that we have overcome…
How can I prove that I have the grace of God without overcoming sin? How can i prove that I have all grace without overcoming all sins? How can I move on in life without racing with grace? So many loose their grace when they continue in sin without making any attempt to overcome it, the use of grace is just the requirement for all grace to abound.
YOU ARE SUBJECT TO VANITY WHEN YOU DON’T MAKE IT YOUR GOAL ALWAYS TO OVERCOME THE SINS THAT ARE FORTH COMING. It is only lust that will make you enjoy sin or fall into sin. Make sure you are rooted in the fear of God and rooted in perfect love, looking into the perfect law of liberty which is to love… FOR GRACE TO RULE YOURLIFE, YOUR WILL MUST BE IN UNITY WITH THE WILL OF GRACE WHICH IS THE WILL OF GOD(TO OVERCOME SIN). Remain blessed. Love you all, jesus is the saviour.
Olushola Emmanuel Bamisaiye.

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