Tell Her Not To Worry



Tell her not to be scared

Tell him not to worry nor fret

Tell her not to be afraid

Tell him not to be dismayed



That marriages fail does not mean his will

That hearts break is no reason hers will


Only tell her to look ahead, unto Love

To keep his gave on Agape himself-straight on

To not be deterred by the waves of the sea

But be strengthened by the one that lies within


Even if he stumbles, let him not fall

Let her hold on, and not give up

Even if she falls, let her not quit

Let him not remain in the mud-pit


For life can’t get quite messy

Depending on one’s perspective

And Love can get quite confusing

Keeping one from right thinking


Only tell her to let her mind transform

And not with the world,to agree nor conform

Only to look deeply inwards

The only way that leads forward


For it is only as we gaze

That we are changed

Day after day

Even from grace to grace


For Love in itself is possible

It’s fear that makes things horrible


#IamImisoluwa; sometimes, I get scared too.


Enjoy your evening.

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